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Vai Ra is a homegrown brand that originated during the pandemic in 2020. The founders, Rohit and Oendrilla, were running their marketing agency venture called The Bid when Oendrilla's sister was in search of a large diamond solitaire for her upcoming wedding. However, the exorbitant prices of such solitaire diamonds put them out of their budget. Disheartened, they settled for smaller diamond pieces. It was during a conversation with Oendrilla's colleague from the US that they discovered Moissanite - a beautiful and affordable diamond alternative that her colleague wore and recommended. This sparked their interest in exploring the source, artisans, and designers of Moissanite in India.

The founders of Vai Ra observed that solitaire diamonds were unaffordable for many people in India, leading diamond companies to resort to cluster designs instead. To make solitaire rings accessible to those with an average income of Rs 50-60k, they decided to create moissanite rings made in gold within a budget of 25k. They established Vai Ra with the aim of bridging this gap. Their first order was a couple ring for Oendrilla's sister and her husband, which they made in 14kt white gold.

Vai Ra is derived from the Tamil word "vajram," which means diamond. The word diamond is associated with Vai Ra because the word "vajram" can be split into two parts - Vai and Ra. Vai means light, while Ra means the gateway through which light enters. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond. This means that when light enters the crown of the gemstone, it disperses and reflects internally in such a way that beautiful rays of colors emanate from the stone, contributing to its brilliance and fire. It is unbelievably more sparkly than diamond. The Founders believe that Vai Ra in it's true sense will truely resonate with the brand as a one stop moissanite jewelery brand in India.

Since then, Vai Ra has been steadily growing and now has a customer base of 250 across India. Although still a small team in 2022, Rohit manages vendor relationships, investor relations, operations, finance, and legal aspects, while Oendrilla takes care of product design and quality, customer service, sales, and marketing.