How to find the perfect engagement ring

How to find the perfect engagement ring

Shopping for a perfect engagement ring for yourself or your fiance is one of the most memorable parts of wedding prep. And yet, it can get overwhelming with all the choices and options available out there.

We at Vai Ra, understand this very well and have put together some pointers to remember for couples looking to buy engagement rings.

Engagement Ring Guide

Does the ring size suit your hand?

Do you prefer a ring with a bigger center stone that makes a bold statement or a smaller stone that is subtle and elegant?  The answer to this mostly comes down to your style preferences. However, if you are confused about which is the right one for you, the thumb rule is to pick an engagement ring big enough to make you stand out but does not look out of proportion. Also, if you plan to wear the engagement ring every day, you should choose something you feel comfortable wearing regularly.

Does the ring fit well?

Once you have picked your design, the next thing to see is how well it fits on your hand. Your ring should not be too tight that it makes you feel uncomfortable or too loose that it slips off your finger. You do not want to lose the ring or damage it.
To find the exact ring size, take a strip of paper or a thread and wrap it around your finger. Make the two ends meet and lengthen it against a ruler. It is the circumference of the ring. Match it up with the chart that comes up on every product page.
It is important to remember that your ring size will not remain the same forever. If possible, get your ring from a place that will make the size adjustments. For example, an eternity band has diamonds on the entire ring's band. So, we keep a slit available for resizing whenever required.

Is the top ring heavy?

Have you noticed Kim Kardashian’s humongous ring made with a slim band that keeps rotating on the side? That is why you need to watch out for the top weight. For a bigger moissanite center stone, using the right amount of metal will ensure the ring will stay balanced on your finger. When you buy or customize the ring with a bigger center stone, make sure it is well proportional to the rest of the design. For example, a split shank or double band supports the ring.

Do you like rings with a high mount?

High mounts look very classy and make your ring stand out for sure. However, they are also prone to damages if you are not careful. Keep this in mind if you have decided to buy a ring with a high ring setting.

What metal should you choose?

22kt and 18kt gold are usually softer than 14kt, 10kt gold, and 925 Silver, thus more prone to scratches. However, they are more valuable and shinier. On the other hand, 10kt and 14kt gold have lesser gold purity but are more affordable and durable. Sterling Silver is the least expensive precious metal and is not susceptible to scratches. It makes silver a fantastic metal option for daily wear, and it sits very well with the moissanite sparkle.



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How to choose a ring that is easy to maintain?

Caring for jewelry is as important as buying a beautiful piece. While moissanite sparkle lasts forever, you should also understand the little things you need to do to keep it in good shape.

If you are looking for a moissanite ring with side stones, look at the settings. Pave settings and channel settings are the best, which will keep the side stones secured. The only disadvantage of using a channel setting is that you cannot resize the side stones. Also, high mount or prong settings are prone to get stuck to your clothes but are secure enough to hold the gemstones. Vai Ra can help you repair your jewelry when a side stone goes missing. So, not to worry!

The construction should be easier to reach overall for cleaning. Places like the gemstones underneath are where most of the dirt accumulates.
If your moissanite looks dull, clean the jewelry with mild soap water and brush it with a soft bristle brush. Rub it off with the cloth you get with your purchase.

If the gold plating is of a different color than the actual base metal, the outer coating will wear off. For an intact outer coat, either you may stop wearing it every day or not get it coated with a different color. Get the same base metal as the color. For example, you can choose rose gold base metal with rose gold micron plating. If you chose 925 silver with rose gold plating, the rose gold color will gradually wear off


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