How to find the size of my ring?

Option 1:

Finding ring size using the traditional approach using the steel ring sizers or pestle

We understand that you can easily access the ring size chart online or on other retail websites. However, we prefer to adhere to the traditional approach. We believe that it is preferable to get the correct ring size on the first attempt rather than relying on estimations based on millimeter measurements of diameter and circumference. This approach saves you a significant amount of time and the stress of having your ring resized. Furthermore, resizing poses various challenges, as repeated alterations can make the jewelry more fragile. While there are numerous ring sizer apps available, we still maintain that visiting a local jeweler near you to have your ring size checked is a more accurate option.

How to find your ring size

Above is the ring sizer you will see in every jewellery shop. You can also purchase it online in Amazon


How to find your ring size

This is the pestle that checks a ring size from the existing ring. This is also very common tool in a local jewellery shop. 

You can get an accurate measurement of the ring using this method. If you are not able to step out of your house or order online and need your ring size to be accurately measured, please reach out to us, we will send you one. It will take approximately 2-4 days to reach you. You will have to bear the shipping charges and the cost of the ring sizer Rs 500. 

Option 2:

Finding the diameter of your existing ring and measuring it against an international universal chart converter

Let's say you cannot access the ring sizer and you need to find a way to get the ring size at home, I can show you a method if done correctly should not have any error. This might happen if you are trying to plan a proposal ring and dont want to let your partner know about the ring.

Please watch the video till the last below to understand. 

Now match it against the following chart: