Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Loved One

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 10 Jewellery Pieces for Your Loved One

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and affection, an occasion that calls for a gift as enduring and precious as the bond it celebrates. In the heart of tradition and modernity, jewellery emerges as a timeless choice, offering a way to encapsulate feelings of love and commitment. This blog aims to guide you through a carefully curated selection of 12 exquisite jewellery pieces, perfect for expressing your love this Valentine's Day. Tailored for the Indian audience, each piece is chosen to resonate with the tastes and sentiments of love, ensuring your gift is as memorable as the moment it commemorates.

10 Jewellery Pieces for Valentine's Day

The Aahna Ring

The Ahana Ring offers a great deal of versatility with its 2.4CT Elongated Cushion Moissanite center stone and strategically spaced side stones. Instead of a traditional French pave band, this ring takes a unique approach. The six stones are carefully arranged in a bezel setting, while the French pave beautifully decorates the support bar of the basket that holds the main stone. This intricate design guarantees that the diamond shines brilliantly from every angle. The Ahana Ring in 18kt gold is priced at Rs 50131.

Larissa Ring

The Larissa Ring showcases a central 5CT stone complemented by 0.5ct side stones. These side stones are meticulously arranged on the prongs in a French pave setting, adding to the ring's allure. For a more luxurious look, there is an option to replace moissanite with lab diamonds. Priced at 77k in 14kt gold, this ring features intricate details on the side stone, accent, prong, and support bar, ensuring a fabulous and sparkly charm from every angle.

President Ring

The President Ring is a unisex masterpiece that appeals to those with a refined taste for jewelry. If you're a fashion-forward woman who appreciates the sophistication of Gucci and Chopard Rings, the President Ring will surely capture your heart. Its unique square mesh design adds a touch of modernity and individuality, setting it apart from conventional styles.

This ring is crafted to perfection, seamlessly complementing the grandeur of its central 5CT stone. The mesh pattern, integrated thoughtfully into the band, not only enhances the visual appeal but also represents a contemporary and timeless aesthetic. With the President Ring, you can indulge in a fusion of luxury, style, and versatility that effortlessly transcends gender boundaries.

Grace Ring

The Grace Ring is a stunning example of subtle elegance. It showcases an oval solitaire delicately set on a slim band that measures 2.3mm wide. The design's inherent simplicity, combined with the mesmerizing sparkle of the oval-shaped gem, has earned it widespread admiration. The Grace Ring is perfect for those who prefer a departure from the traditional round diamond look, offering a captivating exploration into the realm of elongated oval shapes. Embrace the timeless allure of this piece, where refined simplicity meets the enchanting charm of the uniquely elongated oval silhouette.

Mesh Ring

The Mesh Knit Ring is a standout choice for those who want a ring that provides ample finger coverage while still showcasing the brilliance of the gem. Notably, the band achieves the perfect balance by avoiding excessive width at the back of the finger, ensuring both comfort and style.

For individuals looking for the perfect gift within the 25k budget range, the Mesh Knit Ring is an excellent option. This carefully crafted piece combines aesthetic appeal with thoughtful design, making it a unique and meaningful choice for any occasion.

Shree Ring

The Shree Ring features a central 2CT stone complemented by 10 cents of side stones intricately set in prongs. This design has gained adoration for its ability to capture a brilliant sparkle not only on the central stone but also along the entire band. Priced at Rs 45k, this ring is a true steal, especially for enthusiasts of solitaire rings looking for an everyday piece that effortlessly combines elegance and affordability.

Tulip Prong Round Solitaire Ring

This particular ring holds a distinctive charm with prongs delicately extending like tulip petals, cradling a magnificent 2.5CT moissanite or diamond. If you appreciate the aesthetic of a simple band but desire a subtle infusion of nature's touch, this ring may be the perfect choice for you. Its unique design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance, making it an ideal option for those who seek a blend of classic simplicity with a hint of natural inspiration.

Brightlight Necklace

Crafted with precision, this necklace boasts a central 2ct moissanite adorned by a generous 0.5ct halo moissanite, creating the illusion of a substantial 4CT moissanite. The result is a pendant that emanates opulence and sophistication, especially when paired with the chic and dazzling chain. The meticulous combination of the center stone, halo, and chain ensures a piece that captivates with its radiant allure and adds a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

Nakshatra Earrings

Renowned as the "Nakshatra" earrings, also referred to as the big star earrings, this exquisite pair is highly sought after for its expansive and star-like design. Featuring a total carat weight of 1CT, the earrings are priced at 24k when crafted with moissanite and 49k with lab diamonds on a 14kt gold base. The stones are meticulously arranged to form a captivating snowflake pattern, with pointed spokes radiating outward, enhancing the celestial allure of this stunning accessory.

Round Solitaire Earrings

You can never go wrong with round solitaires. Round solitaires are the evergreen diamond shapes that most clients prefer, especially for everyday jewelry. Round diamonds reflect light to the fullest, and as moissanite has a double refractive index, the earrings emit maximum sparkle. If you love all things sparkly, you should at least own a pair of round solitaire earrings.

At Vai Ra, you have the flexibility to choose different sizes based on your preference and ear lobe size. For smaller lobes, we recommend a 0.5CT to 1CT pair. For average lobe size, you can wear a 1.5CT to 3CT pair. If you prefer the huge earring look of Kim Kardashian, you can opt for a 5CT pair.

Cushion Solitaire Earring

A cushion solitaire of 2ct each is one of the most popular choices for trending earring solitaires. People who don't like round shapes usually prefer more unique diamond shapes, and cushion is a popular option.

A pair of 2CT cushion solitaires in 14kt gold will cost around Rs 67k. At Vai Ra, you have the flexibility to choose different sizes based on your preference and ear lobe size. For smaller lobes, we recommend a pair of 0.5CT to 1CT. For average lobe size, you can opt for a pair of 1.5CT to 3CT. And for those who prefer the larger earring look like Kim Kardashian, a pair of 5CT is available.

Round Solitaire Pendant Prong Basket

There is nothing more classic than a round pendant with a thin gold chain. This versatile round pendant can be worn every day and has been a part of diamond fine jewelry for years. We offer solitaire pendants ranging from 0.5 CT to 5 CT. A 1.5 CT solitaire in 14k gold will cost 27k. Over the years, we have seen many clients requesting different designs for solitaires, such as having a different loop. The most popular choice is the Suri pendant.

Round Solitaire Pendant Bezel Basket

Another type of solitaire pendant that people prefer is one with a more secure setting. The bezel setting holds the stone at the rim, keeping it embedded inside the basket. This pendant is desirable because it gives the appearance of floating on a chain, as there are no loops on the pendant itself. The pendant chain is threaded through the two holes on the bezel rim. The most exciting aspect of this pendant is how it catches the light and glides along the chain with every movement.

Mini Cupcake Tennis Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of small 0.05 CT stones, but due to its cupcake prong setting, it gives the appearance of a higher value 10-cent bracelet. You can customize this bracelet as a half eternity or full eternity design. A full eternity bracelet, with an average size of 6.5 inches and made of 14kt gold, is available for only Rs 58k. This bracelet is a must-have for minimalists who love the tennis bracelet look.


Choosing the perfect jewellery piece for Valentine's Day is about capturing the essence of love and affection. This curated selection offers a range of options that symbolize deep connections and timeless beauty, ensuring your gift this Valentine's Day is not just a piece of jewellery, but a treasure of heartfelt sentiment.


Q1: How to choose the perfect jewellery for Valentine's Day?

A1: Consider your loved one's style and preferences. Think about the type of jewellery they usually wear, their favorite metal (gold, silver, platinum), and any gemstone preferences. Reflect on the symbolism you want the piece to convey, such as love, commitment, or a special memory you share.

Q2: Can I customize jewellery pieces for Valentine's Day?

A2: Yes, We at Vai Ra offer customization options that allow you to add a personal touch to your gift. This could be through engraving, choosing specific stones, or designing a unique piece from scratch. Customizing jewellery adds a personal sentiment that can make the gift even more special.

Q3: What are the latest trends in Valentine's Day jewellery gifts?

A3: Current trends include minimalist designs, personalized pieces such as initial pendants or engraved messages, sustainable and ethically sourced materials, and vintage or heirloom-inspired pieces. Gemstones with meaning, like birthstones, and layering pieces are also popular choices.

Q4: How to care for and maintain jewellery?

A4: Keep jewellery clean and free of dust, cosmetics, sweat, and dirt. Store each piece separately to avoid scratches. Use a soft cloth for polishing and ensure proper maintenance, such as regular checks for loose stones or damaged clasps. For specific pieces, especially those with precious stones, consult a professional for cleaning and maintenance advice.

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