Vai Ra: Redefining Sustainable Luxury in Jewelry

Vai Ra: Redefining Sustainable Luxury in Jewelry

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Vai Ra, co-founded by mompreneur Oendrilla Vadithela, is revolutionizing the luxury jewelry market with its commitment to sustainability and empowerment. Leveraging her experience with top brands like Tiffany and L’Oréal, Oendrilla created Vai Ra to fill a gap in affordable, sustainable solitaire jewelry in India. The brand uses lab-grown gemstones, minimizing environmental impact, and operates on a made-to-order model to reduce waste.

Vai Ra promotes a circular economy by allowing customers to recycle old gold and diamonds and partners with Sankalptaru to plant a tree for every order. Their customizable designs cater to individual needs, ensuring each piece is unique and meaningful. Vai Ra's innovative approach sets new industry standards and exemplifies the harmony between sustainability and style.

About Vai Ra:

Established in 2020 by Oendrilla and Rohit Vadithela, Vai Ra is dedicated to commemorating life's precious moments with mindfulness. Renowned for its ethical practices and accessibility, Vai Ra Jewellery stands at the forefront as a provider of premium engagement rings and exquisite jewelry. With its headquarters situated in Hyderabad, India, Vai Ra Jewellery specializes in crafting timeless and customizable engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds and moissanite.

Vai Ra Jewellery upholds a steadfast commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, making a positive impact within the community while exclusively utilizing lab-grown gemstones. The refined designs by Vai Ra Jewellery epitomize exceptional artistry, empowering couples to reflect their values for generations to come. For further details, please visit or follow @vai_Ra_ on Instagram.

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