Vai Ra Gold Exchange plans

Vai Ra Gold Exchange plans

Did you know that we offer gold exchanges? This means you can trade your old gold in for a completely new product. Below is an example of how we transform old gold into beautiful jewellery.

Gold Exchange Program

The Process:

    1. Choose the pieces you want to exchange. Please remember that once you decide to part with them, there's no going back. If you're considering exchanging something like a wedding ring or a piece of jewellery with significant sentimental value, think twice before doing so.
    2. Locate the nearest hallmarking centre and request a gold test report. Note that unless you melt the jewellery, they won't be able to provide the exact net gold weight, as the scale will show the weight of the gold plus any stones or wax fillings used in the jewellery. If you're certain about the exchange, we recommend getting the net gold weight, which involves melting the piece. The link to find the hallmarking centre can be found here: Link
    3. Fill out the form below with a scanned copy of the report and the gold module (also known as dhal).
    4. After you've completed the form, we'll contact you for a detailed discussion about the new jewellery piece you're ordering.
    5. Once everything is finalized, we'll arrange a pick-up from your location with insured shipping and deliver it to our factory where your new piece will be made.
    6. If there's an additional amount to be paid by you, you can make the payment after the jewellery is completed. The jewellery will be made within 20 days from the date we receive the gold.

What are the benefits in the exchange process:

Boosting Your Style:

Suppose you have heavy gold jewellery that is simply sitting in your locker collecting dust. In that case, it often feels like an underutilized box of junk rather than the valuable asset it truly is. Over time, these pieces can seem out of fashion or too cumbersome to wear, leading them to be neglected. Instead of letting it sit idle, it's a more beneficial idea to recycle or remodel it into light, dainty pieces. These redesigned items can add a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, making your precious jewellery part of your regular style. This way, you can enjoy your gold jewellery daily, instead of just letting it sit unused.

Boosting Country’s Economy:

In the realm of macroeconomics, the act of importing gold from other nations and subsequently introducing it into the market has significant repercussions on India's economic health. This practice leads to a surge in the country's debt rate, which in turn, depreciates the valuation of our currency. As a consequence, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an essential indicator of a nation's economic performance, experiences a downturn.

In the year 2023, it was estimated that Indian households possessed approximately 21 million tonnes of gold. This figure is staggering, and one can only begin to imagine the potential economic impact if all this gold were to be circulated within the country. If leveraged correctly, the internal circulation of this gold could provide a massive boost to our economy, potentially elevating it to an unprecedented level, thereby bringing about significant economic growth and prosperity.

Boosting Planet’s Health:

A decrease in global resource depletion is one of the benefits we gain by consuming less new gold. This is highly significant as gold mining has been known to cause substantial harm to our environment. Gold mining is not just a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing substantially to global warming, but it also has several other detrimental environmental impacts. These include the destruction of natural habitats, the introduction of harmful chemicals into the ecosystem, and the displacement of local communities. Therefore, by reducing our consumption of new gold, we are not only conserving a precious resource but also mitigating these adverse environmental effects.

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