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Vai Ra jewellery and loose moissanites are made once you order. We don't produce products in bulk. Each and every product is created with utmost attention. Which is why we give you the lifetime warranty. We will help you take care of your jewellery so that it lasts you a lifetime. 

Moissanite is 9.25 on mohs scale, making it a very hard gemstone, ideal for everyday wear. It will not get scratched easily or get cloudy. However, debrises like lotion, dead skin cells, oil, soap deposits , etc, start forming when you wear regulary and sleep with your jewellery worn. Overtime, because of this inevitable deposits, your jewellery might become dull. Cleaning it once a month or whenever required is essential. You can clean your jewellery yourself at home.

Process of cleaning jewellery at home

You can clean the jewellery with Four quick steps:

1. Soak the jewellery in a mild soap liquid (you can take dish washing liquid and warm water and dilute it) for 15 mins.

2. Take a soft bristle baby brushe and srub off the deposits. By now, the deposits would have loosened. So, a gentle brushing will clear them off from the surface. If your jewellery is made of silver, brush on the metal as well, this will remove the oxidised layer on silver.

3. Once it is brushed off, rinse it in a clean water bowl. Don't run it under the tap, you might loosen the stones/prongs. You might also loose your jewellery accidentally. 

4. Dry it with a soft cotton cloth. You can also blow dry it using your hair dryer. Blowing it with hair dryer will help you remove the water stains. 

Professional cleaning

We recommend you call us up for professional cleaning at least once a year or once every six months, if you are wearing your ring everday and if it has a lot of intrinsic details. When you give your jewellery for professional cleaning we will also correct the loosedned prongs if any. You jewellery will be picked by our courier partner. So, when you need a professional cleaning please reach out to us.


Our fingers ans wrists tend to change their sizes due to various events of life. So, let us know if your ring or bracelets needs resising. This is complentary upto two times within 6 months. Post 6 months, you will charged the shipping cost and the necessary making charges for the resizing.


If your stones come out, please let us know. We will repair the jewellery. This is complementary service within 6 months from the date of recieving the order and it is applicable for stones below 0.5ct. You can still get it repaired after 6monhts and for larger stone, but you will need to pay for the moissanite. 

Professional cleaning, Repair and Resizing might take upto 10 business days depending upon the jewellery. Please note, this service is only applicable to places that are servicable by BVC. If your pacakge was delivered by bluedart, then we wont be able to do a return pickup, as BVC don't operate in those pincodes. Having said that, if you can still manage to send your jewellery to us at your own expense, we are happy to offer these services.