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Is your moissanite GRA certified or C&C certified?

Neither! We neither buy moissanites from Charles and Colvard, nor do we buy GRA moissanites. We cut the moissanites in our own factory and get them certified from two separte companies. This gives us an advantage to be free from conflict of interests and pass on better value to you. As these labs are not in-house and not controlled by us, they have to comply with their own biasless policies to generate authentic certificates. This also gives us a risk of paying additional costs on certification fees and also the risk of jewellery failing the certificate test. If a stone or jewellery fails the test, we need to get it redone from the beginning, and honestly, we don't mind as long as you are getting a quality product. 

These certificates are generated from GBS (an ISO certified company) and SGL (an international gemology lab). If you are buying a loose moissanite and silver jewellery, you will only receive a GBS certificate and not a SGL certificate. Every certificate bears a QR code. To be able to find the digital copy and source, just use the QR scanner in your phone.


GBS Certificate

What are Moissanites? Is it a diamond? 

Moissanite is a naturally ocurring gemstone which is as brilliant as diamond, but the catch is, it is not available in abundance in natural form. Moissanite was first discovered by Henri Moissan in a metiorite crater. Moissanite is for this reason also called as "born from the stars". It has a very romantic appeal to the stone knowing that the stone you are gifting is born from stars and does not carry any dirty history of child labor, deforestation or extinction of widlife. 99% moissanites are made in labs. Do not think that gemstones make in lab are not genuine. In lab, the raw stones are made in the same environment as they are in natural their atomsphere, but instead of decade, it forms it's shape in few months. Pretty much like lab grown diamonds. 

Oh by the way, moissanites are not diamonds. Don't fall for it who says so because it is not true. It is a gemstone like sapphire, but NOT a diamond. Having said that, moissanites look exactly like diamond. They also test as a diamond in pin point tester. It is very hard to distinguish between a moissanite and a diamond when kept side by side. 

Diamond vs Moissanite

What quality moissanites do you sell?

We sell DEF color, VVS1 clarity moissanites. We cannot gurantee a D, a E, a F moissanite specicifally, but we can guarantee that your moissanite will be in the range of DEF (colorless) range. Choose your metal wisely beecause if you choose a warmer color metal like yellow gold, the metal will reflect in your stone making it look yellowish. 

What about the gold? How do you authenticate the gold?

All gold products will bear BIS Hallmark. We sell products in 10KT, 14KT, 18KT and 22KT gold and in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold color. Please do not think that white gold is silver. It is not. It is genuine gold. The gold purity depends on what KT gold you choose and you will be charged accordingly. In terms of look, you will hardly see much difference in gold color, unless you do a test. 

10KT gold contains 41.70% gold, 14KT gold contains 58.30% gold, 18KT gold contains 75% gold and 22Kt gold contains 91.67%. 

All yellow gold products of 14KT, 18Kt and 22Kt gold will have the BIS hallmark inscribed in the metal like below:

BIS Hallmark

All other gold products : 10KT gold (yellow, rose, white), 14KT, 18KT (yellow, rose, white) will have a Hallmark certificate like below:

BIS Hallmark

Please note that we DO NOT make white or rose gold versions of 22KT Gold, because 22KT gold will contain 91.67% of gold which is chemically yellow in color. The whiteness or the rose tone cannot be achieved with a 22KT gold version.