Quality Certification

Vai Ra ensures that moissanites used in our jewellery are procrured from legitimate sources and are of highest quality ever possible. We guarantee that these brilliant gemstones come with an authenticate certificate provided by supplier of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

In Addition to that, all our gold jewellery comes with gemstone certification from SGL and the complete jewellery is BIS Hallmarked. Alternatively all 925 Silver jewellery comes with 925 mark of authenticity.

Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories Ltd. (SGL)

SGL is an independent international gem testing laboratory. Trusted by jewellers and consumers alike, SGL Reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. Committed to high certification standards, they serve the interests of the gems and jewellery industry.

Visit their website for more details: www.solitaire-labs.com

BIS Hallmarking  

The BIS hallmark is a system that provides certification of gold as well as silver jewellery that indicates the purity of the metal. This certification authenticates that a piece of gold jewellery purchased, conforms to the standards as laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the national standards organization in India.

This hallmarking of gold jewellery was established in April 2000. The hallmark itself consists of a BIS logo, a 3 digit number that indicates the gold purity, the logo of the assaying center along with the logo or the code of the jeweller and the code that indicates the hallmarking date.

The BIS hallmarking has a high reputation among the jewellery trading industry in India, and is widely accepted by the consumers.

Visit their website for more details: www.bis.org.in